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:bulletgreen: Ornithischians: A large taxonomic group of herbivorous dinosaurs.
:bulletgreen: Saurischians: All carnivorous dinosaurs (certain types of theropods) are saurischians, as are all of the birds and one of the two primary lineages of herbivorous dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs.
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Thank you!
Name: Masiakalophorex
Means: Vicious-crested-king
Lenght: 64ft long
Height: 32 ft
Weight: 9.6 tons
Diet: any other dinosaur
Maximum age: 30 years
Cross between: T-rex(jaws) dilophosaurus(frill,head crest), indominus rex(back plates, arm spikes head shape, claws), allosaurus(horns), acrocantosaurus(back spine), and utahraptor(hind claws)
other: the hind feet seem to have spnie like sails but it was just extra  
About the dinosaur:
This dinosaur is highly aggressive, when it hatches it even tries to eat it's siblings and usually only 1 or 2 live to adult hood. This dinosaur when it hatches has no parents and have to fend for themselves.When 3 minutes old they are able to walk it takes awhile for blood to pump to its powerful legs.When a baby its claws are small and frill is not visible the spine is just little tiny spikes, crest is missing but had very small horns.
When 3 weeks old they are already 6ft long and weight 2.2 tons for they have a fast growth rate.They now have a very small crest and a little sail visible. The frill is starting to appear and becomes more colorful.They eat anything smaller than itself.They are even dangerous at this age they are a dull gray and green to camouflage itself and become more colorful as it grows.
At 4 months it is 19ft long and weights 4.8 tons . They are more colorful now losing its solid color and forming a zig-zag pattern that has a color of dark orange.The body is starting to turn a darker green and underbelly is black.It is starting to prey on big sauropods.In between the fingers are webs they are used to swim across lakes.The Crest is almost to full size and is taking up most of the head.The sail is almost complete it goes from the neck to the middle of the tail.The frill is 4ft long reaching its way to 6ft it is starting to have its pattern on it as well.
The dinosaur is at 6 years now and is a killing machine.It is at 26 ft and weighted  The patterns are almost visible and are a regular orange. the underbelly is still black and the body is a light green.The frill is now at 5 ft almost full length.It preyed on mostly anything except the largest of the sauropods.The sail is now at full length and the crest is at full size. The eye is hardly visible and it has 2 rows of teeth
The dinosaur is 15 years and now fully grown.It is 58 ft and could grow even larger it weighted 8.8 tons.The dinosaurs pattern is clearly visible and it has full color.The frill is now bright and has black edges.The crest flares bright orange.It preys on everything that it can find.The claws measure to about 1 and a half ft long and are extremely sharp.The sail has the same pattern and makes it look bigger.The jaws are very strong and can cut though bone. It can now spit poisonous venom that can kill an animal within two hours.The hind legs have spiked sails on them for show and display and really to make it look bigger.It lives until 30 years old.

Used for Techniques:
Crest: Mostly for show
Frill:Make more frightening
Long tongue:No use
Back spikes:defense
Claws:attacking and killing prey
Raptor claws:attacking and killing prey
Arm spikes:defense
Hind leg spikes:Show
Spit:Killing prey

Any more stuff Just ask in the comments.
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